Board Certified OB/Gyn Publishing First Book, “Wait, Don’t Take My Uterus”

Dr. Geoffrey Cly, Board Certified OB/Gyn, Founder of HonestOBGYN is publishing a light-hearted book with an message on serious topics such as hysterectomy, endometriosis and miscarriage. Dr. Cly’s mission is to help women get their life back, end chronic pain and heal with confidence.

Fort Wayne, IN, August 08, 2019 –(– Dr. Geoffrey Cly, Board Certified OB/Gyn and founder of, is writing a light-hearted book focusing on very serious topics concerning women and their health. “Wait, Don’t Take My Uterus” is part of an on-going platform to encourage and educate women on how to get their life back after pregnancy or a miscarriage, how to end their pain of chronic issues such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts, and how to heal with confidence.

Dr. Cly is actively advocating for women to have honest conversations and answers about their health and their bodies. Dr. Cly has created a social online community using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to reach women and discuss the serious issues they are dealing with on a regular basis.

“Wait, Don’t Take My Uterus” is available for pre-sale on Amazon and will be published in the Fall of 2019.

Dr. Geoffrey Cly is the first OB/Gyn that will reveal a comprehensive range of medical options for women with OB/Gyn problems across the U.S. in this revolutionary new way. provides information and education for its users. It does not establish a doctor/patient relationship or offer medical advice for any user or their particular circumstances.

You can contact Dr. Geoffrey Cly for interviews at 260-267-5530 or via email at

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Source: Board Certified OB/Gyn Publishing First Book, “Wait, Don’t Take My Uterus”.

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