Revolutionizing Eating-Out Culture: Learn How Eat Your Cake is Helping Families Eat Healthy on the Go

The Vancouver based meal delivery service offers families a way to eat a three-course nutritious meal without having to leave their house.

Revolutionizing Eating-Out Culture: Learn How Eat Your Cake is Helping Families Eat Healthy on the Go

Vancouver, Canada, July 29, 2019 –(– Founded by Joanna Wolski, Eat Your Cake offers meal delivery services that meet its customers’ dietary preferences and delivers custom-made meals at their doorsteps. Over the years, the company has risen through the ranks to become one of the strong contenders in Vancouver’s health and fitness industry due to its impeccable weight loss and meal delivery services.

The founder’s vision includes providing working parents an option to order nutritious meals. By providing a delivery service that can bring tasty and nutritious meals at the client’s doorstep, Eat Your Cake has opened up new avenues for families that don’t have time to cook nutritious meals for their family every night. The service allows clients to mention their likes, dislikes and taste preferences so expert in-house nutritionists can design a delicious bespoke meal for them.

A representative said, “Families with working parents and young children usually order unhealthy takeout that doesn’t contain the essential nutrients that the body requires to grow, especially for young kids. We come up with new and fresh recipes to make eating healthy delicious, sustainable and affordable for everyone.”

Upon signing up, clients are asked about the number of times they want to order meals in the week. They’re also provided with the option of choosing between full-course meals and snacks. Additionally, clients are asked about specific medical conditions, allergies, dietary restrictions and preferences so the meal can be designed according to their specific requirements. Clients are even welcome to try out meals at Eat Your Cake’s retail location. Since there isn’t a contract between the company and the client, customers can choose to terminate the services any time they wish to do so.

In addition to delivering nutritious meals, Eat Your Cake creates meal plans for people on specific diets such as keto, paleo and the bulletproof diet. Special meals are also made for vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan customers. Other than that, clients that want to devise a diet that improves their athletic abilities, along with a workout plan are also welcomed.

The representative continued, “Our main goal is to ensure that everyone who wishes to subscribe to a healthy lifestyle receives the assistance they require to achieve their goals. As such, our focus is to create meals that aren’t just nutritious but also tasty, so our client’s keep coming back to us for more.”

As one of the leading healthy meal delivery services, Eat Your Cake has helped numerous people achieve their health goals all over Vancouver.

About Eat Your Cake:
Eat Your Cake is a healthy meal delivery service based in Vancouver. They provide a holistic nutritional plan for their clients with their weight loss and meal delivery services that fit the client’s dietary needs and requirements perfectly.

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Source: Revolutionizing Eating-Out Culture: Learn How Eat Your Cake is Helping Families Eat Healthy on the Go.

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