Ranking Josh Richardson against all 2019-20 starting shooting guards

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Where does the Philadelphia 76ers’ newest starter rank at his position?

Last summer, we compared every Philadelphia 76ers starter to their peers. After a season (and summer) of change in 2019, we’ve decided to update the series. We will rank all 30 starters at all five positions, seeing where the Sixers’ starting five stands.

You can check out Ben Simmons‘ comparison to other starting point guards here. Up next is Josh Richardson, the Sixers’ newest starter. As the return in Jimmy Butler‘s sign-and-trade, Richardson will be tasked with a significant role on both ends next season.

Richardson will adjust to a new role in Philadelphia, shifting from Miami’s top option to the Sixers’ fifth option. There are obvious benefits and drawbacks to such a drastic change, but in the end, Richardson projects as a clean fit.

As a minor housekeeping note, players who are expected to miss most or all of the 2019-20 campaign — John Wall, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, etc. — will not be included in these rankings. Those expected to return midseason — Victor Oladipo, for example — are fair game.

Here’s how Richardson stacks up at the two-guard position.

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Source: Ranking Josh Richardson against all 2019-20 starting shooting guards.

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