SEPTA Rolls Out Newer, Sleeker Key Card Website

After two months of testing its beta version, SEPTA has now fully switched over to a new SEPTA Key website.

The new, more modern Key card website is meant to improve the user experience. SEPTA will be phasing out the old website, but user login information will remain the same, meaning riders will not have to create new accounts or passwords to log in to the new site.

People who were testing out the beta site through will now see the same layout when they’re redirected to the regular SEPTA URL,

Upon first inspection, the new version is definitely much sleeker than the old site, with a navy blue hue dominating the screen in place of the matte, blue-gray color that dominates the old site. The landing page also places the user login option, as well as the toolbar menus, in the upper center portion of the screen, a change from the old site’s left-justified layout.

The mobile experience is much improved, as well.

Whereas before users would be stuck zooming in and out and sliding side to side to try and get to a specific menu item, the new beta website simplifies the experience. The landing page has the login option clearly displayed at the top and now includes a pull-out menu button on the upper right-hand side. The site is also optimized for mobile, changing its display size to fit different devices.

Published at Wed, 15 May 2019 12:02:40 +0000

Source: SEPTA Rolls Out Newer, Sleeker Key Card Website.

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