What we can expect from Kyle O’Quinn this season

The Philadelphia 76ers’ new backup center should make a strong first impression.

Maybe you’ve seen him at your younger cousin’s bar-mitzvah. Or maybe you’ve seen him coaching a camp at his alma mater, Norfolk State. Or maybe you’ve seen him just living his best life on Instagram. Philadelphia 76ers fans can expect this sort of exuberance from the “big ole teddy bear-like”, blue-collar hustler by the name of Kyle O’Quinn this season.

The Sixers signed the 29-year-old to a veteran minimum deal. The 6-foot-10, 250-pound big man will be an exceptional second or even third-string backup to Joel Embiid this season.

With the signing of Al Horford, O’Quinn will most likely be not the main backup to Embiid when he takes some much-needed rest games. He can step up whenever Brett Brown needs another big man to help run the court.

Though O’Quinn hit some career lows last season with the Indiana Pacers, such as 8.2 minutes per game and 3.5 points per game, he still brings something special to Philadelphia. His defensive box plus-minus last season was +4.1, which can bring a tremendous amount of value coming off the bench.

By just looking at O’Quinn one may think that he was just a huggable, fluffy-bearded, and bubbly basketball player (I mean come on…have you seen this dude’s smile?). Much like the rest of his new teammates, O’Quinn’s wingspan notches above seven feet, making his defensive game even more of a threat.

Kyle O’Quinn is definitely an immense improvement from the backups the Sixers have had recently, including Amir Johnson, Boban Marjanović, and even Greg Monroe. He’ll be able to assist in putting up some points here and there. Philadelphia will appreciate his tendency to be unselfish and do what it takes to help his teammates score.

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The Sixers are now known for wanting to bring in “good locker room guys” due to the culture that Brett Brown has created over the years. O’Quinn fits this narrative nicely, as the aforementioned bar mitzvahs that he has attended randomly. Does this remind you of anyone? I can see Mike Scott getting along quite nicely with the newbie in Philadelphia. Maybe they’ll attend some fans’ weddings together this season.

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