Should Carson Wentz, Eagles have completed extension next year?

Earlier this week, the Eagles and Carson Wentz
agreed to a four-year extension that would keep the quarterback in Philly through the 2024 season. The new-money figures include $128M, with more than $107M in total guarantees and $66M guaranteed at signing. The contract can ultimately escalate to $144M in new money.

While Wentz recently became eligible for an extension, the quarterback could have waited to see if he’d boost his earnings ceiling. However, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports that the 26-year-old was content with the more than $100M in guaranteed money (along with the injury protections). Furthermore, if Wentz finds that his contract is a bargain in a few years, the quarterback is content knowing that the Eagles will have some extra money to spend elsewhere.

The extension locked up Wentz for the foreseeable future, and it also means that Eagles have a lot more clarity going forward. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie echoed this sentiment while talking with Dave Spadaro of the team website:

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Source: Should Carson Wentz, Eagles have completed extension next year?.

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