So who wants to start the Chip Kelly-to-Alabama rumor?

So who wants to start the Chip Kelly-to-Alabama rumor?

It had been rumored, based upon (give or take) equals parts dogged reporting and wild speculation, that Chip Kelly was being considered as the next offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons (because Kyle Shanahan, the guy who apparently forgot he was allowed to run the ball to protect what should have been an unblowable lead in the Super Bowl, is going to the 49ers to be their head coach, replacing Kelly). Got all that?

Now, though, comes word that Kelly will not replace Shanahan. Instead, it will be Steve Sarkisian, who finished up the most recent college season calling plays in the championship game for Alabama.

Which raises the obvious question:

Chip Kelly to Alabama?

There has been no real reporting on this delicious possibility. We all know Alabama has huge and impressive facilities, but is there a structure big enough to house the egos of Kelly and Nick Saban?

We do know that Kelly paid Saban a visit in January. But that’s really all we know.

Still, who can help but daydream?

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Published at Tue, 07 Feb 2017 23:07:15 +0000

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