Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series 10 years ago today? We asked, and you told us.

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series 10 years ago today? We asked, and you told us.

Tom Delaney, Philadelphia: I was then in the midst of a 14-month assignment (U.S. Government, civilian) in Baghdad, Iraq, following the playoffs and World Series in the middle of the night in the Armed Forces Network. As the World Series began, I needed to plan a visit to our base in Mosul, Iraq. I purposely scheduled it around the games, hoping Game 5 would be the last and I could watch it from the relative comfort of my home compound. Then the rains hit Philadelphia, which rendered my advance planning worthless. So I had to travel to Mosul two days after Game 5 started, hoping I could find a place to watch it and someone to watch it with once it resumed in the middle of the night. Upon returning from my engagements “outside the wire” late in the day, I identified that there was a rec center (a pre-fab structure) set up for our troops to relax, with a TV. Further, I happened upon a young soldier who informed me that he’d be watching the game there later (which would have been around 3 a.m. in Mosul). I ate dinner, returned to my temporary quarters (a type of one-person VIP trailer home), set my alarm for 3 a.m., and then headed to watch the game/share the company of at least one baseball (if not Phillies) fan. When I got to the rec center, the game was indeed on the TV. But the soldier was laying there sound asleep. Not having enough time to seek another venue to watch the game, I sat and watched Pat Burrell’s double, Pedro Feliz’ RBI, Eric Bruntlett crossing the plate, and Brad Lidge’s final strikeout, silently jumping up and down and pantomiming my joyous (and nervous) cheers, not wanting to awake the young soldier — who, for all I knew had been on patrol that day/needed to go out on patrol the next morning. I was alone in a faraway place, but I felt every bit a part of the crowd at the Bank, and part of the parade crowd later that week. I got first hand reports of the parade from my mother and sister. And listened to Philadelphia sports talk streamed in Iraq as much as I could that week in order to “be a part of it.”

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