Stocks in Asia generally on the rise, greenback slides

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia – Stocks in China rose sharply on Monday as economic data continues to be churned out underscoring the country’s rebounding economy.

First to fight off the raging coronavirus, China’s economy is leading the world in economic recovery.

At the close on Monday, the Shanghai Composite was ahead 74.04 points or 2.23 percent at 3,345.37.

The Hang Seng in Hoing Kong was trading more than 500 points higher towards the close.

Australia’s All Ordinaries added 30.50 points or 0.48 percent to 6,343.00.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 was the party pooper, sliding 53.89 points or 0.23 percent to 23,565.80.

On foreign exchange markets the U.S. dollar traded softly despite an early burst higher.

Approaching the Sydney close, the euro was being bid up at 1.1825. The British pound was strong at 1.3044. The Japanese yen strengthened to 105.44. The Swiss franc firmed to 0.9101.

The Canadian dollar was sharply higher at 1.3122. The Australian dollar rose to 0.7234. The New Zealand dollar strengthened to 0.6669.

Published at Mon, 12 Oct 2020 05:59:24 +0000

Source: Stocks in Asia generally on the rise, greenback slides.

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