Will the Phillies bring back Didi Gregorius this offseason?

Mariekson Julius Gregorius, or “Didi” as he is better known, is one of the most unique personalities that has come to the Phillies. From the seemingly never-ending smile on his face and the four languages he fluently speaks, to being one of the best follows on Twitter, Sir Didi Gregorius has grown into one of the most entertaining players both on and off the field. Gregorius joined the Phillies on a 1-year $14 million deal for this season, reuniting him with former manager Joe Girardi. Whether or not Didi will be back next season is still up in the air, but he should be appreciated for the time that he spent in Philly regardless.

Early Playing Years

After being born in the Netherlands, Gregorius began his professional career by signing as an amateur free agent with the Reds in 2007. Didi climbed his way up the Reds organization but was stuck behind Zack Cozart for the SS job and was traded to the Diamondbacks in the 2012 season. After spending the beginning of the season in the minors, Didi soon got a chance in the Big Leagues and made the most of it.

After Derek Jeter retired, the Yankees set their sights on finding the next shortstop to earn their stripes. This is where Didi Gregorius began to grow into the star he is now. The Yankees acquired him in a trade before the 2015 season and despite a slow start he ended the season hitting .265 while knocking in 9 home runs and 56 RBI’s. He also began to gain notice for his “victory tweets,” which do not disappoint to this day.

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Source: Will the Phillies bring back Didi Gregorius this offseason?.

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