Didi Gregorius not happy with proposed MLB playoff changes

The proposal included expanding the playoffs from five to seven teams per league, having a three-game series for the wild-card round with only the higher-seeded team hosting, the top team in each league getting a first-round bye, and having a TV show where the higher-seeded teams pick their playoff opponent.

MLB is trying to generate more interest and liven up the sport. They are also trying to incentivize more teams to try and win, which has been a serious issue with so many teams tanking the last few years. 

They’re not changing the sport, Didi, just thinking about changing the postseason format, which needs improvement. Gregorius, who is now with the Phillies, is not the first player to take issue with the proposed changes.

Published at Tue, 11 Feb 2020 05:29:16 +0000

Source: Didi Gregorius not happy with proposed MLB playoff changes.

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